Our FAQs answer most of the common questions we regularly get asked about sanding and polishing wooden floors for your home or business. If you have a question we haven't covered here, please contact our friendly Cairns team today.

Can old wooden floors be sanded and polished to look like new?

You will be surprised at the difference sanding, sealing and polishing will make to your old timber flooring. Even timber floors ruined by time, termites or poorly laid can be restored with tender loving care and repairs, sanding, board replacements and sealing. It can be a more cost-effective option than carpet or full replacement of timber.

How much dust will you create?

At AJ's Cleaning & Floor Sanding we use a state-of-the-art rotary sander which has special dust collection capabilities. All care is taken to keep your home as dust free as possible but it's impossible to avoid all dust when prepping floorboards for sanding and polishing. We will leave your premises the way we'd expect our own home to be left.

Do you use subcontractors?

No. All work is carried out by our owner/operator Angelo Barbieri and his team who are highly experienced in floor sanding and polishing jobs.

How long will sanding and polishing take?

It depends on the type, size and how complicated the job is. The average time is up to 5 days for residential jobs.

How much does it cost to have your timber floor restored?

There's no easy answer to this one. It is reliant on a range of aspects from what state the timber floor is in to the type of finish you select. AJ is able to inspect your flooring and provide you with a no-obligation, free quote.

Why do my wooden floor boards have gaps?

Floorboard gaps are needed for natural expansion and shrinkage with seasonal temperature changes during the year. Gaps will be more evident during North Queensland's drier winters and expand in humid temperatures.

How long before I can move my furniture on to my restored timber floors?

After 3 days you may relocate furniture to its intended position provided it has felt protection on the areas where it contacts with the floor. Wait a week before placing mats and rugs on the floor as it has needs time to set properly.

Do we need to vacate the premises?

No. If you can stand the noise and smell of a floor renovation for a few days. Alternatively you can arrange to have the sanding done while you stay with a friend or are vacationing.

How long before I can move my furniture on to my restored timber floors?

Yes, it will be cheaper if you can remove and dispose of floor coverings yourself, but we are able to organise this for you for an additional cost and ensure the covering is removed with no further damage to the surface.

When's the best time to organise for you to do the sand and polish for a kitchen renovation?

We prefer to commence the sanding, polishing and applying a few coats prior to cabinetry installation. Any damage incurred can be repaired after the kitchen is installed during the final application of the floor finishing.

What areas do you service?

We service Cairns and the surrounding areas.